Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What is your calling in life...

What do we all want in Our life?
Is it very difficult to achieve it?
sometimes it leaves you wondering about the things in life that you want to do and achieve, but somehow it is still far away from you. Instead of getting it closer, it goes further.
Recently.. I have been asking myself a lot about what do I want in my life.. I could not get a clear answer. if I cannot answer it myself then who could??? I am still searching for the best since I am now married. I think much  more differently. It is interesting that passion is the start as Jeff Goins says. Passion is the starting point to lead you to the calling of your life. What do I want to do with my life and how can I get a fulfilled life.
For a start.. It is interesting to imagine where you wanna be five years from now. Maybe this is what I want and maybe not. God has placed me to this wonderful country with the wonderful people, and yet I am still struggling? What have I done wrong? What should I do to make it right?
I am still searching for the answer ...:) LIve a life that is full of purpose.

God bless everyone...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Something to remember

I just want to post some of the nice things that I sold yesterday.
Something to remember...^^

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feel connected

Everyday... we think, feel, connect, and I guess to some, we Love.
A small thought  can bring a big change into our life.
Its a choice to love, to be romantically involved with someone.. but everything cannot grow without time.. without effort and without good thoughts in it.
My pastor told us that before marriage, we shoud be happy first.. Then we can share our happiness to each other after marriage. 

There is always hope to a happy relationship and a happy marriage.hihi..

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Journey to the beautiful future.

Thank You God for all the things you have given me...^^

Everyday , we always live with challenges, stress and expectations of other people and of course from ourselves.
Sometimes we doubt, we wonder and got lost along the way. But Lord, I know you are always with me everyday... not just today.. but yesterday and tomorrow as well. Never for once you leave me.

Future.. is something that gives us hope to live,.. to work, to satisfy.. We all hope to live well.. not having to worry about money, clothes and all other necessities. That is why we work hard to get the money.. and hoping after we get the money, we are going to be secured with a good future, then with that., we hope for more and more that we feel nothing anymore... about the whole thing. We are never satisfied.
So.. is it really the end that gives us happiness? or is it the journey itself which will determine our success and happiness?

The Journey will be beautiful... if we can appreciate what we have. Just stop and think about what we can do up till now, what we have up till now.. How wonderful God has provided us with everything we need.
Give thanks...for every little things we have..

Secondly, The Journey to the beautiful future... is ours to decide. Happiness, is actually in your hand to decide. Whether you are old or young.. you can be happy if You want to be Happy. Make your life richer... go out and breathe the morning air.. appreciate the sun.. the moon and the awesome people around you. Like gems that beautify your life^^. Really happy to know that I still have some very cool friends that I can share all my thoughts, my feelings, my sadness with. Thank you...

I believe that everyday is a gift from God... we breathe everyday without difficulty.. is also a gift from God..
I have parents who cares for me, sisters who always back me up when I am down, and a cheecky brother who is so ngangenin. I Love all of you.. deep down in my heart. Never know how I can ever be thankful to God in giving me such a good family in my life. Not forgetting my baby sitter.. who are always there when I needed someone to listen to all my problems. I love you all.

Don't wait to be happy. Count your blessings^^ Be Happy Now and you will have a beautiful future..^^
Smile... The future waits upon you..
God bless you.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The chemistry between us...

I always wonder when I will meet you:). Always wonder when I will get to know you...
Now that I have.. I wonder when will I meet and see you again. Now that you are far far far away... ^^

Happiness to me is to be with your loved one, to spend time together, to eat together, to walk together and sometimes to only just stare at those beautiful pair of brown eyes...^^.... just that ........ makes me feel like I am the luckiest girl on Earth.

Life is full of surprises that you need to find...
It is full of presents that you will receive... 
Also full of fun that you need to enjoy.. :)
I thank God for the life that I have. 

Just recently... God has send me someone. 
Someone that might have been prepared for me.
I just knew he is special..:).. I feel it... and know it..
because we share the connection that I have never shared with anyone else in my life.
He understands me, he sees my future, he sees my life, he sees to my deepest feelings.. 
and he just connect with me.

The Chemistry that makes me wonder.. it is rare and so precious. 
I am so glad it existed between us...
(The power of mind)
To eternity and beyond......
To think about it.. I have always waited patiently for this day to come. 
I am just so sure about this..:)
This feelings is so strong and made me smile everytime I think about it.

Love dearest!. Thank you for coming into my life...
looking forward to be in your arms once more ^^

The bitter sweet of life... existed from this chemistry...

btw.. I love ur (astroboy*) hair and ur shorty beard ><
* shei's term

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

You never know tat u can be strong:-)

It is interesting, that sometimes things that what we thought we can't do, we can actually do, if we are put into a situation where we have to do it. Kaya 'kepepet' gitu... Hehe..
:-)mau ga mau harus bisa!...
Most of the time, we are surprised with what we are capable of.
We can actually do unimaginable things... Like 'moving the mountains'.
Then, we realised that we are stronger than we thought we are.

Life is full of challenges and uncertainty. Sometimes we fail, and things seems not to be on our sides.
But one thing for sure...
We are never alone.
God is always with us. :-)

God has promised us that he will never give us challenges in life that we cannot handle.
No matter how hard things seems to be,
Always remember that nothing is impossible if we walk together with God in our life.

Accept challenges in life bravely:-) because you can do it!


Shei.. I believe, that i can carry you if I have to!
And I can be as strong as Vinia.  hahahaha....

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The simplest things in life that matters.^^

   Life is the most beautiful thing that God has given us. The fact that we are alive is amazing...
I really want to  Thank God for my life and how it is going ...... hehe..:)
Even though it is not always everything that I wanted to be,  I learn to accept the new things that has been given in front of me and the changes that I have to go through. It is not easy and not always smooth ... But I know that what has been given to me is what is best for me.
I always go back to the basics of life:) and appreciate all the little things that has been given to me by God.

Sometimes we are so busy with our work and stuff that we want to do, that we forgot the simplest thing that God has given us, which is life itself. It is the simplest form of being a human. It is the way of how we can breathe everyday, how we can move, walk, run, see, smell, talk, touch,feel, and erm... smile..:) hehe..
It is good to smile everyday before you start your work.><....:):):) 
And ... smiling takes less muscles than frowning.. haha...
It is simple but powerful..:) in my opinion.

I have learnt that in life..we need to adjust to changes and adapt to new things.
I know that things does not always go as we predicted, as beautiful as we imagined, as colourful as the rainbow in the rain, as free as the bird soaring in the sky and ended as happy as the fairytale, but I still feel that changes is sometimes necessary in life. I never know that I can be happy in Indonesia a year ago.. haha.. but now.. If I think about it.. I should be grateful that I can be close with family and stayed here. It is just that my dear friends are scattered everywhere... but I am sure I can still find other special gems" in Indonesia. :)

Even at first it does makes me sad,unhappy and depressed, but now I am glad that I go to a better place that God has provided me with. hehe..
You never know what surprises might come , who you might meet, what might happen, and what you might do. I am so happy that I can still be given the chance to dance><.. I used to think that dancing is my life. haha.. and wherever i go, I just dance.. Well, it is true I guess:P.
Anyways..Without the changes in life you just won't grow mature, experience new things, be a better person and be smarter:)

For now, I just want to Thank God for every little thing that He has given me... My loving family, my dearest friends, my work, the delicious food that has always been prepared,and also * the Beautiful flowers:p that has always been sent to me.I dunno where it always come from.. but it sure does make me so happy every morning. haha.. well, the list just goes on for those amazing thing I experience,even how little, it matters for me....

Everyday.. there is always that little thing that you can be thankful for. I am so sure!..
With everything else that I used to take for granted. I just want to give thanks...and never again I will want to look back.. cause God has prepared the best future for me and of course for you too^_^
For you and me:)

God has given the simplest yet the most beautiful life :)

Happiness ... everyday... ^^ 2012 new start of life...